Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Style.

My style….

I have always had my own style. I was not sure how to explain or classify it though. A little bit of this and a little bit of that. Since I was about 19 I have tried to decorate my home around this one picture, Le chat noir by Théophile Steinlen . I love cats and that one suited my style. I have collected things here and there to go with it, but have never had everything match. When you are first starting out you get moms old blankets and Uncle Andy’s old dishes and everything else random people don’t need. So now I’m 27 with 4 different types of dishes, bedding from 3 different people, and no décor that I even want to put up. Not to mention I have lived in apartments and family homes so I have been very limited as to what I can put up or paint.
Along the way I think there have been little hints to where I really want to be. In my second apartment I had a little red chandelier that I adored. Not sure where it is, we have moved a lot since that apartment. I love floral accessories, handmade of course. I also love vintage tea sets and aprons. So not too long ago we were out and about and I found this magazine that I just could not put down or leave at the store. Romantic Homes, February 2011. Straight to the heart. The Valentine’s Day edition. I am in love. It all started to come together; I love feathers, pearls, diamonds, vintage cottage homes, and a sweet cozy pink floral room. I have joked with my husband that I want my own room so I can have a cute bed and cute décor. 7 years together with him and I have yet to receive my own room.
This magazine has inspired me to re think the way I decorate. We have decided to try and buy our own home and I think I want to start collecting our own décor, dishes and blankets. I would like to turn my blog not only in to a place for sweet concoctions, and creations but also a place to show how I will transform our new home in to a Romantic home.