Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Whip it up wednsday! : fruit rolls

I always try to come up with something to do during the summer that's not just sitting in front of the tv. So I have my special board on Pinterest just for "Summer Fun" with all kinds of great ideas.
Sometimes it doesn't always work out as planned though. For example this week I wanted to make fruit rolls with apple, carrot , and strawberry. So I go to the frige to pull out my goodies and were out of apples!!! Also our water cooler has been out for a week now so if we do anything in the kitchen/living room, it has to be early.
So I just used strawberries! Next time I'll try them with the other goodies! I followed a few recipes I found. 
Since I was using the toaster oven (no way I was going to a add to the heat in the house) I didn't need as much supplies.  So I gathered what I had and got 
to work. 
Only 20 mins to prep and 2 hours in the oven. Easy peasy ! Well I thought is was supposed to be anyway.
I would of loved to share an adorable finished picture but it just didn't work out that way. It was a disaster! I used parchment paper, I'm sure I read the instructions right! It would not come apart. I only got a few pieces with no paper on it.
Live and learn! Next time I'll use my baking sheet pad! Until next time .