Monday, May 30, 2011

Sleeves and Lamps...

This week has been a busy one!! Made a nook sleeve, set up my old/ new lamp, made a grad cake for my husbands little brother, and a couple other little projects.
First I want to show off the nook cover ! My good friend I made the charlie bag for last post , for graduation, from her family, got a nook !! She asked me if id do her a favor and make her some sort of cover for it. For some reason I was thinking crochet :) I then remembered I had recently made a laptop cover for myself! all I had to to was shrink the dimensions. The picture above is of what i used, and the ones below are of the finished sleeve, some with the nook in it. She loved it and I hope she will get years of enjoyment from it :)
Secondly this week I took some pics of my "new" lamp I brought home from California. When I was younger my grandmother moved back home to Denmark. When she did she left me a few things, a roll top desk, a chair to go with it, and a lamp. I have had the desk and chair for years but had forgotten about the lamp. My other grandmother passed last month and it was given to me then. Since I have moved towards the romantic decor I was lucky it goes along with everything :)
They are two lamps but on one mount. they have hurricane glass and a decorative gold cover. they put off a perfect amount of light for the living room. they are in front of a sliding glass window and I love the way the light hits them in the afternoon. Their just happens to be a chair in front of them that works out (The chair is broken). The above picture has the newest copy of Romantic Homes on it which I love!!
Our mama cat decided this was a good spot to get away from the kittens. She thought it was quite comfy she also enjoys Romantic Homes. I also took a night shot so you could see the lamps on and as you can see they are beautiful.
Next week I hope to have a project on an outfit for my little girls doll Doria, and to have my inherited Piano and sewing desk in the house. Until then live Romantically.........

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Floral Fabric

Since i have decided to try to turn my home in to a romantic, I have been paying more attention to floral fabric and vintage patterns. One day I had a Brilliant idea to make vintage looking aprons! I went out bought a few yards of adorable fabric , had tons of ideas of how to make the aprons, and I got distracted with life and my daughters ester outfit! Eventually I got to the fabric.

My moms birthday was lats week and I thought of the best gift for her. A VINTAGE LOOKING APRON!! It was completely my design, and i had a few mess ups , but it turned out adorable. It is in pictures below (Modeled by my lovely friend Jen).

A good friend of mine graduated college this week and I had thought about making her some candies, or hair flowers , but i wanted to make her something she could really use. I recently learned how to make a charlie bag and decided that was the perfect gift! Since i had fabric (that was supposed to be for aprons) all i needed was patients and time. :) Two hours later it was done. I loved it so much I almost kept it!!

Finally after all the gift making I wanted something vintage and floral for me too!! I came across a laptop sleeve on (which is also where the charlie bag came from). It is simple yet useful. I had a Yard left of floral fabric and really needed a sleeve for my laptop. It only took an hour and I love it!

I do hope to make some more aprons, just have to get more fabric! I still have some ideas for half and well as full aprons. I think you should look fancy while your making dinner for family, friends, or even just yourself. sometimes though it is nice to create something totally different with what you have then what was originally thought.

Keep on creating romantically. -Mj