Thursday, August 16, 2012

Glittered Magazine Holder

I have tons of magazines. I subscribe to fitness, Martha Stewart Living and romantic homes, so I have piles of magazines all over the place. We also moved out of the office since my brother in law moved in so I don't have a permanent desk yet.  I needed a spot for all my magazines that was not an eye sore and would help to keep them nice. Pouring a bowl of cereal for the kids one day it hit me.

Supplies : 
Cereal boxes.varying sizes. (empty)
Trader Joe's bag
Spray adhesive (under $4 at walmart)

Step 1- diss assemble tj's bag, (Tutorial will be up in a few days I know it seems backwards but i though of it backwards too) remove tops of cereal box and cut sides and back of box. Roughly measure the length of tj's bag you will need, cut off any excess.

Step 2- Starting on the short skinny side of the cereal box spray adhesive on box and bag. Apply bag printed side in to box. (follow directions for spray adhesive for permanent application)  Continue on the other 3 sides. When you get back to first side fold the end so it lays flat and looks clean.

Step 3- Cut any pieces on the bottom that might have over lapped the bottom.  Spray the top edge of all opened edges of the box and fold ends down clean.

Step  4- Set up a spray and glitter station. One side with newspaper and spray, the other side with glitter and paper (so you can pour glitter back in to jar.) Apply in same order spray with adhesive on one side of the station , then quickly apply glitter and shake off excess. Continue this process until you have enough glitter. (as if that is possible)

Ta-da!!! I chose to apply the glitter in different patterns to organize the magazines. I also accidentally put one on printed side out, but it worked out ! That bin is for food magazines!! Glitter is Romantic right??