Saturday, May 9, 2015

Sonic, moonshine, and Elmo.


Mjs Sweet Things
We have had quite an eventful few weeks. The first thing I'm going to share just happened the other day. We bought our first car! we might be late bloomers but it is truly amazing!! Our Old truck was literally on its last leg. So we went to the Chevy dealer and left (9 hours later) with this!
A few weeks ago a good friend of ours invited us to meet her horses. It was an amazing experience. I have never really been around horses other than maybe the zoo. We were able to get up close and personal with them. They are quite amazing. They listen to commands pretty well and are not as scary as I thought.
The horse above with my husband was friendly. Josh really liked her.

Vincent was very unsure about the whole thing at first he said he didn't want to go, then he didn't want to ride, then his sister said she would so he had to. He enjoyed it and would go again! He was really glad he faced his fears and tried. I was so proud that he didn't back down!

Emee was a natural, and she LOVED it!! She walked around with moonshine for quite a while. She didn't want her turn to end! I couldn't believe how well she did. She also said she would love to go again.I think we just might!.

It was a very different experience out there. Almost a slower pace. The air was sweeter and the wind softer.  The sky was beautiful and the temperature was perfect. When we left we all felt great. Maybe it was being closer to nature, maybe being with friends. Probably both.

Our little Lanee is almost 6 months old now and getting in to everything. In fact she is helping type right now! The other day I just happened to put on Sesame Street while I was checking emails and she was laughing and smiling! She loved the music and the colors.

I just had to snap a few pictures to send to her dad!! She doesn't really watch the TV so I was surprised she stopped to watch.

Life is good here! Vacation soon and some summer tutorials to come! Stay tuned!!