Sunday, August 11, 2013

Baby blanket.

So last week I decided it would be fun to start a you tube channel! Eventually ill get a link in the side bar but I want to tell you a little about the subject of the video ! It was titled "what am I working on Wednesday " I was working on a blanket for my brother and his wife's baby! I was very happy with how it turned out and it went pretty quickly too! 
The baby shower was yesterday and they loved it! I also made a few more goodies .
Some burp cloths . The fabric is so soft and easy to clean!
And a changing pad that can be folded up!! 

I'm so excited to be an aunt and to meet her!! 

For the blanked I used a simple granny square stitch. With a size I needle and 2 skeins at a time. Made 16 squares and stitched them up! 


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Luau

We had a Luau!!  
It was a party with mixed emotions. We had a lot of fun decorating and making food but the actual party was not what we thought it was going to be. I still want to show you all the goodies we put together!

Yes, those are a washer/dryer set disguised as a table with a skirt! I made pulled chicken in the croc pot and we put it on fluffy hamburger buns. We also had fruit salad and chips.

The lanterns: we were very pleased with how they turned out! The party was pushed up to 12 so we didn't need to light them . They still looked great!

Above is our picnic table that we put a plastic table cloth on with bananna leaves taped to the side for extra ambiance .

Our tiki men ( their were 2) they coveted the awning posts so well I might just leave them up!

Our beach cupcakes. These were a picture from Pinterest that we found and liked! My sweet daughter helped me with every step of them !! 

Our picnic bench is old and we have never sanded or weathered it. Sometimes it pokes and gives splinters. I took an old comforter and some fabric to cover the bench part so people could sit comfortably! They were a hit!!

Any occasion where flowers are involved hair clips are involved too!! These were the ones I made for the guests! The bottom left was for the little girls, bottom right was for the birthday lady , and the top were for everyone else! We had a lot of fun putting this all together !! The little kids loved the water balloons!! All on all it was a successful luau! 

Hope you enjoyed it!!