Monday, July 13, 2015

Make it Monday.

During the summer we try to do activities at home to avoid boredom. The heat is rough and can drive us a little crazy if we don't add some excitement to our life. 

So this was actually 2 diferent projects I found from Pinterest . One is the 3D hand and the other is a contrasting photo (those are the links for the pins but the pages are gone for some reason). So I explained what we were doing and both of the kids looked at me like I was crazy.

We started with the hands. Once I did a few lines they caught on and were all for it. I was so happy they were enjoying themselves.

Then we moved on the the second part and this is where I got confused. It made sense in my mind but it didn't on paper. So after 2 diferent sized papers we figured it out! ( the orange was the first try. We finished on the larger sized white)

They were so patient with me and really enjoyed them selves too! So the finished project showed both of their and my, pictures in one piece of paper. Just have to turn it to the right or left!

I just love spending time crafting with the kids. They are both very creative and I can see they love it as much as I do. Follow me on Pinterest Here.