Wednesday, April 8, 2015

30 of 30: Day 30

30 days turned in to 466. I gained another year, a third child , and lots of wonderful memories. Things really are diferent now. I am so grateful to have learned all I have in my 30 + years. 
Life can be sad and angry, but it can also be joyous and beautiful. I think it's up to you how you live it.  
All in all this was a fun series of posts . 30 posts of my 30 years. All about the life I have made with my husband and the people who helped shape me. It truly is me, I'm a huge procrastinator . I always get things done though! Maybe next series will be a little shorter. Thank you for following if you did. 


30 of 30: day 29

Dreams and goals. 

It's funny how your dreams change as you grow. When I was fresh outbid school all I wanted to do was hair and shop! 
I didn't have the want to own a salon or settle down. Then I met Josh and everything changed. Now we have a home together. Children, a dog, and dreams together. 
 Someday I do hope to have my own place to do hair on my own terms. I still love doing hair, that will never change.
 I also hope to keep growing as a wife, mother, and crafter. Hopefully a writer also. 
 Over the years my dreams and goals have changed immensely but I wouldn't change a thing. I learned from every one I accomplished and the ones I didn't! 

Never stop dreaming.