Sunday, November 15, 2015

Beach themed cake

About mid 2015 we found out that my mother in law was getting married ! Naturally I wanted to make a cake!! So the plan was that they would have a reception at home but get married at a beach. So I asked her what ideas she had. She said beach themed. We talked about a few things and as followers is what we came up with. I loved it and so did she.
The first thing that came to mind was chocolate seashells. I went to a few craft stores and found the mold. Then I picked up some candy melts.
I also had some gold dust that I thought would look good in the little creases of the shells. Then I got to work.
Here is a few pics of the process. Candy molds are fairly easy, I have done a few before. As soon as they came out of the frige I put a little gold powder on them.
So I didn't take any pictures of making the cake as it turned in to a really long cake due to a bad batch of cake mixes. I wound up making 3 tiers of yellow cake with a gradually changing blue from bottom to top.
Then we placed the seashells around and on the cake with tiny piped balls around each tier.
We then put a few gram crackers in the food processor and blended till they looked like sand. I think it turned out great.
For the very top I found a tiny bottle at hobby lobby and placed a note inside. It turned out to be a wonderful beach themed wedding reception cake. We were hearing praise about it for weeks! 


Monday, November 2, 2015

Monday November 2.

We had a wonderful Halloween! All three kids had a great time. My husband and I grew up in this neighborhood so it's kind of neat to take our kids trick or treating where we went. The day after a holiday is always a mixture of emotions. Sad that the holiday is over but excited for the next one to come. I'm really hoping to be on top of things the next few weeks. Going to be a little crazy with all that's going on. I'm super excited though. A wedding cake, first birthday, and thanksgiving !! Plus some Christmas crafts! I hope you will stay for the journey!