Friday, October 2, 2015

Friday night finds.

This week has been a rough one. To make along story short I have been put through the ringer. Maybe I'll explain in another post. Or two... When going through hard times I always think of my family and how wonderful it is to have a family that is there for me. With the holidays around the corner I have Christmas crochet on the brain. The hubby is out with the guys for the evening so I was browsing Pinterest for inspiration and came across some really cute stuff! So I figured, why not share ? 
Here are a few fun Christmas crochet finds. Enjoy! 
( note : These are not my crochet projects. Links to each pattern/item are below picture)

                              Peppermint ornament  

                                  Christmas socks

                                Jingle Bell Garland 

Wine Bottle Cozy
The last item on my Friday finds list is a beautiful crochet blanket. It is from an etsy store and seems to be sold out but its but too beautiful to not share. Maybe the seller will make another!

                          Christmas BabyAfghan 

Let me know if you enjoyed this post. If you know me you will know I love sharing and would love to make this a weekly post! Until then live romantically.


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