Thursday, August 16, 2012

Glittered Magazine Holder

I have tons of magazines. I subscribe to fitness, Martha Stewart Living and romantic homes, so I have piles of magazines all over the place. We also moved out of the office since my brother in law moved in so I don't have a permanent desk yet.  I needed a spot for all my magazines that was not an eye sore and would help to keep them nice. Pouring a bowl of cereal for the kids one day it hit me.

Supplies : 
Cereal boxes.varying sizes. (empty)
Trader Joe's bag
Spray adhesive (under $4 at walmart)

Step 1- diss assemble tj's bag, (Tutorial will be up in a few days I know it seems backwards but i though of it backwards too) remove tops of cereal box and cut sides and back of box. Roughly measure the length of tj's bag you will need, cut off any excess.

Step 2- Starting on the short skinny side of the cereal box spray adhesive on box and bag. Apply bag printed side in to box. (follow directions for spray adhesive for permanent application)  Continue on the other 3 sides. When you get back to first side fold the end so it lays flat and looks clean.

Step 3- Cut any pieces on the bottom that might have over lapped the bottom.  Spray the top edge of all opened edges of the box and fold ends down clean.

Step  4- Set up a spray and glitter station. One side with newspaper and spray, the other side with glitter and paper (so you can pour glitter back in to jar.) Apply in same order spray with adhesive on one side of the station , then quickly apply glitter and shake off excess. Continue this process until you have enough glitter. (as if that is possible)

Ta-da!!! I chose to apply the glitter in different patterns to organize the magazines. I also accidentally put one on printed side out, but it worked out ! That bin is for food magazines!! Glitter is Romantic right??

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Romantic item of the week.

This weeks item can be more than just romantic. It is a lamp I received from my grandmother long long ago. I have another but the wiring is broken  and it does not have a glass cover. I'm pretty sure I can get new ones though! It has been on my crafting desk in the office. My brother in law is moving in so were moving out. I'm thinking when I have the set finished and cleaned up, I'll put them on top of my piano!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Chocolate Mold Mustache Tutorial

Have you ever thought to yourself, I would love a chocolate mustache? well now you can have one!!


Things you will need:
Mustache mold ( I found this one at Michaels)
Chocolate candy melts
Candy sticks
Measuring cup
Butter knife (not pictured here)

Step 1. Pour candy melts in to measuring cup and microwave according to directions. (I warm in 20 sec intervals 30 always burns for me) stir in between microwaving.
Step 2. After melted use butter knife to help pour melted chocolate in to molds with stick in place. I then take the knife and smooth down the chocolate so it is even through out.

Step 3. Place on a flat surface in freezer or frige for 10-15 mins. Or until solid.

Step 4. Flip mold over and twist mold until mustaches fall out.

Then Ta-Da !!! Mustache on a stick mad of chocolate!

Hope you liked them!!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Changing things up a bit.

My schedule st work had changed so I have decided to change my blog schedule. Monday will still be instagram, wed will be tutorial, and friday will be item of the week!! If there is something you would like to see please feel free to leave a comment or email me . Have a wonderful week!!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Seed packet zipper pouch.

I bought this fabric in a thrift shop in pasadena, california. I just adore it. I made a shopping bag out of it, and it is for sale on my etsy store. (Their is a link in the side bar) I had some left and thought a make-up zipper pouch would be super cute with the pattern.
This was supposed to be a tutorial but, due to internet and camera issues it did not happen. I think I may still put up a tutorial but for now this is the finished product.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Romantic item of the week

This week their are two items. They are plates I received from my grandmother. They are not yet displayed but I hope to put them in my dining room. I'm hoping the item of the week posts will encourage my to put things up!! I think ilk go friday to get the plate displays!!