Thursday, February 19, 2015

30 days of 30: day 26

Mj's Sweet Things Etsy store
My Etsy shop was opened November of 2011. It was an idea given to me by many clients and a coworker. I have always been one to make things for myself and others so I figured why not offer it to the world! I have a lot of great ideas and have had many things in my store but just not enough traffic to my store. i really want to make 2015 great for my store. Im working on items to put in the store and have started to use pinterest to advertise!
I love making items that people will love. Sometimes i dont want to give an item away cus its just too cute. Here's to a great 2015!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

30 days of 30: day 25


When I was first doing hair I had no intentions of owning my own salon. It was easy to just work for someone else. I was flexible and carefree (mostly) as the years have gone on I have found what I like and what I want to give to people. When you work for someone you have to follow their rules. I think I'm getting to a point in my life where I'm ready to write my own rules. 
I almost jumped in to owning a salon but life happened and I missed my chance. Their will be another chance. For now I'm taking lots of notes, pinning lots of ideas, and of course still doing hair. My next step will be to rent a chair ! Then I can build myself up to take that plunge!
I love doing hair. The look on someone's face when you have achieved what they drscribed. To turn someone's day from a crappy one to a great rest of the week. It's an amazing feeling! 

Sunday, February 15, 2015

30 of 30: Day 24

   As a child I was not a big Barbie fan but I was a girl and I had a lot if them. I loved to play with their hair though. I had long hair till 4th grade, I got lice and mom chopped it off. It was hideous!! By jr high it had grown back some and I was
always doing fun things with it. I had also learned of a school called evit and I had it all planed out to go for cosmetology! By high school I was cutting my brothers, mom, and friends hair ( although I sometimes got in trouble).
In jr year I applied for a scholarship to be a votech at one of the local cosmetology schools. My councilor also put me in to go to evit. I was denied evit but got the scholarship to go to international academy of beauty! It was one of the best chances I have ever taken. 

30 of 30: Day 22

Crochet - 
   We moved to Arizona when I was 10 and that same year I met a sweet lady who taught me crochet. I caught on fairly quickly and have never stopped. I made baby blankets for friends moms and hair scrunchies for me and my friends. (Yes it was the 90's) it's always felt awesome to make sonething with your hands and give it to someone. 
  20 years later I'm still crocheting. Still making baby blankets and gifts for friends and family. It has become a tradition now for me to crochet my brother sonething crazy for Christmas, once a doll from the movie 9 ( I loved it so much I wanted to keep it) and another year sushi!! One year for Christmas everyone got slippers. The following year we went to my family's house up north for my sons birthday and everyone that came I made a beanie for in 2 days (9 total) . 
   I absoutly love crochet and now I sell some of my creations! Although a lot of the time it's hard to part with some stuff! It's just too cute!! 


30 Days of 30 : Day 20

Vincent Louis Helsel
Our first born. He changed us and still makes us better people. He is a great big brother. Loves to help. I honestly couldn't ask for more.

We tried for a long time to get pregnant. I finally came to the conclusion that I couldn't have children. The next morning it happened. Mothers day 2004. Best gift ever.

He is the first grandson and really made all of our lives richer. as a toddler he always made the cutest faces. He truly did and still does light up a room.

He was almost 2 when our first daughter was born. I had 2 in diapers and he was awesome. Always helpful and never jealous.

He is really shaping up to be a great person. Has good grades, loves to read, offers help when needed. I feel like we really did something right with him. And our daughters.  

Nothing can prepare you for parenthood. you get a lot of advise and horror stories from friends and family but you never know what its like until you experience it. Being a parent is one of the most amazing things I have done in my life. to create a life and watch it grow in to an amazing person. it is indescribable. I wouldn't change a moment.
I love my son.

Monday, February 9, 2015

30 of 30: Day 23

  In the years I have spent sewing I have had 5 (6 if you include my baby serger) sewing machines. 4 of them I still have now. My first as I have mentioned was from my grandma. I really learned how to use a sewing maching in jr high. I took sewing 1 and 2 . I made a boxing glove that I held in to for years but it must have gotten lost in a move. I also made a dress with a little jacket and I was so proud. And lots of scrunchies!!
   On my own I have made many pj pants ( hubby loves them) , blankets, costumes, pillows, curtains, purses, charli bags, and other various projects. Now it seems I mostly fix holy clothes and shorten pants!! 
   For Christmas this year I hope to make matching dresses for my little girls and maybe a bow tie or pocket square to match for my son. First though is Halloween !! This year we will have a pirate ( Emee, well if it doesn't change again)  and Mario & luigi!!! (Hubby and son) 
   I am grateful to know that I can make my own clothing or curtains if need be. And I can fix my  children's favorite pants!! The only thing I don't like about sewing is all the cutting!! Who woulda thought, coming from a hairdresser !! 

30 days of 30: Day 21

   Ever since I was a child I have always enjoyed making things for people. It's in my blood . My grandmother did all sorts of crafting from sewing to porcelain dolls, my mom always made gifts for my cousins growing up, so it was only natural for me to follow. 
  When I was 10 a neighbor taught me to crochet and over the years (20!!) I have picked up more stitches and patterns on my own. I got my first sewing machine when I was in jr high. It was a hand me down from my grandma but I loved it till it didn't work anymore!! 
   I have done so many types of crafts not sure I could name them all. I have always just felt I could make things instead of going out and buying . From cards to costumes and jewelry to wearables. Many gifts and needs for my family and me. I don't think I will ever not craft if I do check my pulse will ya?