Sunday, November 15, 2015

Beach themed cake

About mid 2015 we found out that my mother in law was getting married ! Naturally I wanted to make a cake!! So the plan was that they would have a reception at home but get married at a beach. So I asked her what ideas she had. She said beach themed. We talked about a few things and as followers is what we came up with. I loved it and so did she.
The first thing that came to mind was chocolate seashells. I went to a few craft stores and found the mold. Then I picked up some candy melts.
I also had some gold dust that I thought would look good in the little creases of the shells. Then I got to work.
Here is a few pics of the process. Candy molds are fairly easy, I have done a few before. As soon as they came out of the frige I put a little gold powder on them.
So I didn't take any pictures of making the cake as it turned in to a really long cake due to a bad batch of cake mixes. I wound up making 3 tiers of yellow cake with a gradually changing blue from bottom to top.
Then we placed the seashells around and on the cake with tiny piped balls around each tier.
We then put a few gram crackers in the food processor and blended till they looked like sand. I think it turned out great.
For the very top I found a tiny bottle at hobby lobby and placed a note inside. It turned out to be a wonderful beach themed wedding reception cake. We were hearing praise about it for weeks! 


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