Saturday, October 8, 2016

Friday night finds.. Well Saturday morning.

 So I just realized it has been a year since I posted a Friday night find. I have had blogging on the brain and today is a great day to get back in the habit! This week all I have been thinking about (other than blogging) is going to the park! I recently met a great friend at the park. We hit it off and so did our munchkins!
 Since the weather is finally getting better we have been going every few days it seems . After all the running around we have some hungry kiddos. I found some great ideas for snacking at the park.
1: Picnic buffet. This is a wonderful idea. We love to do snacking buffet style and this is a great example of how to do it! Check out the other great ideas from this blog post!! (Link is under photo) 

This is such a great idea . Not only does this make it easy to transport but it is a great snack for busy little people!
3: pinwheels. We absolutely love pinwheels. My new friend brought these to one of our park trips! Such a great power packed portable snack! 
4: Snack Pack.I love this mix and match idea. And the containers are perfect!
5.  25 Snack Ideas : This link has a great round up of 25 awesome ideas !! But I love the idea of edible kabobs!! Perfect for little fingers!
Bonus: We love bubbles at the park . This link has the solution! 

I hope you like these great ideas for a wonderful picnic at the park.
How Romantic!

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